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Highlighting innovative "outside the box" ideas, programs, research and products addressing the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fix What is Fixable!

Recently I stumbled upon an article written by Dave Sherman, Principal of South Park Elementary School in Deerfield, Illinois regarding his thoughts on the role educators play in the health of our children today (Is It Our Responsibility To Keep Kids Healthy?). I wanted to share it with you because it's a great example of how a small (but possibly controversial) change in our schools, can have a meaningful impact on shaping the way young people think about health and nutrition.

What did this brave educator do that was so radical he feared parent and teacher backlash? He fixed a very fixable problem that has over the years become commonplace in classrooms across the US - he eliminated birthday treats from student birthday celebrations and replaced them with a "birthday book" program. Gone are the cupcakes, cookies and unhealthy treats and in their place - a book program that ties the birthday celebration back to an educational experience (in more ways than one). Kudos to Principal Sherman for fixing something that was easily fixable.

Obviously there is much more to do when it comes to educating our young people about making healthy lifestyle choices and as parents we play the most important role in shaping those choices. In addition to leading by example, here is a helpful article suggesting some ways that parents can help their kids and schools get healthy.

In good health,

Phil Christian
LifeStyle Media Group

1 comment:

Dave Sherman said...

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the reference to my blog post. Actually, my own blog is at

The post to which you are referring was posted at I have a few other posts regarding childhood obesity on my own blog.

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